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Technology is developing at a rapid pace across all industries. In retail and wholesale, the pressures to evolve with shifting consumer demands make controlling your business’ risk landscape more crucial than ever. Our industry specialists at Baldwin Risk Partners are here to help provide innovative insights for your risk management and transfer solutions.

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Protect consumers, employees, and your bottom line

Our retail and wholesale specialists at Baldwin Risk Partners are dedicated to the success of our clients. As business operations evolve, our team is here to offer you extensive services and tailormade solutions for your risk management needs—in this retail climate and whatever comes next.

how demand is growing & risk is shifting

In recent years, the retail landscape has seen a massive shift toward online shopping and non-brick and mortar retailers. This transition was set into high gear during the pandemic, snowballing a plethora of unprecedented hurdles for businesses with retail operations.

In a post-pandemic climate with elevated cybersecurity threats and supply chain disruptions, retailers and wholesalers are balancing on one leg trying to adapt and overcome to this new complex risk landscape.

core solutions & expertise

helping our retail & wholesale clients mitigate risks

In addition to unforeseen challenges from COVID-19, natural disasters, inclement weather, and a surging social justice movement have developed a catalyst trifecta for reevaluating potential inequalities in retail and wholesale companies. In these transitioning times, your business plan to maintain resiliency and mitigate risk is paramount.