Our Culture

Our values are embedded in everything we do.



An azimuth is the direction measured in degrees clockwise from north on an azimuth circle.

Our Azimuth is our internal guide to everything we do, it is embedded in our culture and enables us to align our mission, vision, core values, and promises to our stakeholders.

We have a deep commitment to each of our stakeholders – clients, colleagues, external insurance company partners, our communities, and our shareholders. Our Azimuth is our True North guiding us forward.


Hear why BRP is the best place to work! Our colleagues share what makes working at BRP fun while getting an inside look at why BRP is nationally recognized as a Best Place to Work and a destination employer in the industry.

Find out how BRP supports our colleagues through our fun and fast-paced work environment.

Putting We Before Me

Culture is what you do and how you do it without being told to do so

At BRP, we are committed to supporting our colleagues by actively serving one another and our communities. Our colleagues’ actions – big and small – embody our Core Values and enhance BRP’s culture every day. Check out some of the meaningful efforts of our BRPeeps, who graciously seek opportunities to support colleagues and their communities.

Our Core Values


Showing respect for the dignity of others and helping and caring for them in tangible ways by being warm and welcoming.


Acting and thinking beyond ourselves and our self-interest; recognizing how our colleagues differentiate us in the marketplace and nurturing a culture of inclusion.


Embracing opportunities, overcoming obstacles, and getting up and back in the game whenever we are knocked down in order to achieve our objectives.


Turning our imagination free, thinking big, looking for a better way, and seeing what is possible, but not yet done.


Making it easy for others to know and trust us by being approachable, forthright, responsive, calm, and transparent.


Seeking and weighing a broad range of perspectives, assuming positive intent, being open to input, and nimble when new information arises.


The BRP Way

Success is being a firm that we are proud of and that our stakeholders believe is worthy of respect, trust, and admiration. Success is increasing shareholder value while building long-term relationships.

We measure success with our clients by retention and referrals; with our colleagues by engagement, personal growth, and retention; with insurance company partners by growth and enthusiasm for helping us secure favorable terms and conditions; and with our community, by positive regard.