BRP functions based on the collaboration and efforts of our key stakeholders.

Our Azimuth, BRP’s cultural guide, provides a collection of promises to those we consider our key stakeholders.

Upholding our standards to continue serving those that invest in BRP.

We are committed to upholding our standards and continually serving those that invest in BRP. BRP and its stakeholders are interested in the other’s success. Through collaboration, connectivity, and communication, we are able to deliver on the promises we have outlined in our Azimuth. Our key stakeholders include:

    • Our colleagues – We are passionate about supporting, challenging, and celebrating our colleagues.
    • Our clients – To be our client’s resource for Holistic Protection at every stage of their lives.
    • Our communities – We have a spirit of service and commitment that is displayed within the communities in which we live, work, and play.
    • Our insurance company partners – We provide a level of service, insight, and precision that creates a relationship that goes beyond business and price point.
    • Our shareholders – We deliver on our goals and investments to provide longevity and faith for those who choose to invest in our business.