Guided Medicare Solutions

Guided Medicare Solutions

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Created by a group of insurance experts and passionate entrepreneurs, Guided Solutions was crafted with our clients in mind every step of the journey. We provide insurance products and innovative solutions to protect our clients throughout their lives. We have relationships with the top insurance companies and many coverage options to fit your budget. We specialize in home, auto, life, commercial, Medicare, renters and more. We basically do it all!

We are guided by our core values and feel an unparalleled passion for protecting our clients. We think insurance is such an important decision and getting the type of guidance and support you need when making those choices is extremely beneficial.

Powered by people and fueled by our vision and purpose.

BRP is an award-winning, entrepreneur-led, and inspired insurance distribution holding company delivering solutions that give our clients the peace of mind to pursue their purpose, passion, and dreams. Our family of firms’ best-in-class resources and diverse portfolio of services are innovating the industry by taking a holistic and tailored approach to insurance and risk management.