Not only do power and utility companies confront complex regulatory and business risks, but a new challenge has also emerged as we push toward net-zero carbon emissions worldwide. Our experts here at Baldwin Risk Partners are here to help. Public, investor-owned, or independent, our highly trained specialists are prepared to educate and navigate your business through mitigating these risks.

A well-lit powerplant at night; smaller photo of lit up skyscrapers.

global transitions in the power & utility industry

We are seeing a global transition in power and utility sectors as we race to reduce carbon emissions. The International Energy Agency approximates that renewable energy will become the largest source of electricity generation by 2025. This will account for over one third of global electricity demand—knocking coal from the top spot.

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adapting to demand & regulations

US power and utility companies will need to adapt to this transformative energy climate. A clean energy future comes with a shift in expectations from both customers and stakeholders. This will account for over one third of global electricity demand—knocking coal from the top spot. 

  • Readjusting business strategies
  • Building generation and transmission infrastructure
  • Replacing and/or retrofitting aging assets

energy & power expertise

introducing change brings new risks

With these progressing technologies, power and utility companies must prepare for a variety of issues that have the potential to slow or disrupt their operations and productivity, such as:

  • Evolving regulations
  • Severe weather
  • Natural disasters
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Cyberattacks

Baldwin Risk Partners’ dedicated team of risk specialists are here to use their power and utility expertise to provide you with the tools and knowledge to pinpoint, examine, and mitigate your risks.