Cam Swoboda

Cam joined BKS in 2015, working to build and implement the growing infrastructure necessary to support the firm’s anticipated rapid growth. As Cam transitioned within the organization through a various of roles, he always found a knack and desire to strategize, build and implement better ways to a more efficient execution of processes. As the Director of Partnership Integrations, Cam oversees the integrations of all new partnership firms into processes, systems and functions of the various BRP Operating Groups and Growth Services teams.

Cam began his career as a financial analyst working for World Triathlon Corporation (more formally known as Ironman). His primary focuses involved new host city economic impact analysis’ and race budget modeling to support the organization’ global growth initiatives. In addition, Cam oversaw the organization’s global T&E program and working closely with global vendors in contract and program negotiations.

Cam enjoys analyzing areas of inefficiency across organizations and working with key leaders to eliminate. Pragmatic in nature, Cam approaches most everything in life as a project, much to the chagrin of his family and friends.

Cam graduated with a B.S. from Ohio University in Athens, OH in 2009, where he majored in business and minored in sport administration and received his graduate degree from Florida State University in 2011. He and his wife are originally from the Midwest (Wisconsin or Ohio) but currently reside in Tampa, FL with his daughter and a new arrival joining in July 2022. Aside from spending time with family, Cam is an avid golfer and will find any excuse to find his way onto the links!