Adam Falkauff

Adam Falkauff is President of the Multifamily Group at Millennial Specialty Insurance (MSI). He steers the strategic direction and execution of innovative renters insurance products that meet the evolving needs of the market while ensuring regulatory compliance.

Adam brings more than 15 years of insurance experience in leading the development and growth of multifamily and single-family renters and master programs, in addition to security deposit programs. At MSI, Adam grew the business to more than 1 million renters policies through strategic partnerships, a seamless digital experience, and by building the MSI brand as a trusted partner.

His expertise includes leading organizational transformation, improving processes, and implementing technologies to monitor key performance indicators and business intelligence. With a focus on analyzing various measures to uncover opportunities that can improve an insurance carrier’s business, Adam excels at designing solutions that leverage those opportunities.

Prior to joining MSI in 2022, Adam served as Senior Vice President and General Manager at RealPage, where he was responsible for insurance and deposit replacement programs. Adam initially joined RealPage in 2015 to drive an expanding insurance business. In 2018, Adam took over leadership of insurance products, applying industry knowledge and best practices to enable efficient and effective growth. Prior to joining RealPage, Adam was the Director of Process and Continuous Improvement at Liberty International Underwriters, a Liberty Mutual Company.

Adam has a J.D. from New York Law School and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Studies from the University of Michigan. He is a board member of Young Texans of the American Cancer Society and a board member of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan, Dallas Chapter. He lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Alexis, and their dog, Melvin.