BRP’s most significant investment and asset has always been its people. Our diverse population of over 3,300+ colleagues allows us to serve the unique needs of clients across the nation and help us remain on the vanguard.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at attracting and retaining the top industry talent. We strive to foster and enable the next generation of insurance professionals to transform the future of the industry.

Our greatest investment & asset has always been our people.

A man and a woman in a booth seating with a paper and pen each, smiling at someone seated opposite them.

Our Commitment to Colleagues

    • To provide the tools and resources needed to succeed.
    • To create an environment that promotes thought leadership, innovation, and connectivity.
    • To uphold our core values and promises outlined in the Azimuth.

    “We focus on creating an amazing home for colleagues… if we take care of the very best colleagues, then they take care of our clients…”

    – Trevor Baldwin, CEO at BRP Group