Opportunities to join the team, to grow and thrive, to innovate, to invest in yourself, to be entrepreneurial to be fiercely independent, to have fun doing what you love!

Be who you are. Do what you love.

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The BRP model perpetuates an entrepreneurial culture and independence. We are big enough to matter, small enough to care.

Our careful curation and nurturance of a tribe-like culture is an oasis to like-minded entrepreneurs, leaders and colleagues who want to join something more significant, more intentional and more purposeful than themselves. We cast a sense of purpose that inspires our colleagues, clients, insurer and community partners with an understanding of what may be untested or unproven today but possible tomorrow. This mindset binds our stakeholders together in a shared quest for a bright future filled with purpose and passion.

We invite you to join in our vision to become the preeminent insurance advisory firm in the nation.

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Bring on the BRP Alchemy
BRP is a firm made up of passionate insurance geeks, banded together around a set of common beliefs, core values and shared language. Our success is driven by a distinct culture, clarity of vision and purpose, and relentless stakeholder-first approach. These drivers blend together to create what we call BRP Alchemy; the seemingly magical process of creation and transformation that occurs inside BRP, resulting in outcomes that are exponentially better than what could be achieved on our own as singular entrepreneurs, leaders, colleagues and firms.
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As a BRP colleague, the door opens for diverse opportunities throughout the country, allowing you to take your passions to new destinations.

Our culture is designed to inspire purpose, diversity, a sense of community and a lot of fun! BRP is a nationally acclaimed Best Place To Work for millennials, women and insurance professionals. We strive to provide our colleagues with the resources and support they need to learn, grow and thrive every day.

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