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The Digital Broker

On this episode of The Digital Broker, Ryan Deeds interviews Trevor Baldwin, CEO of Baldwin Risk Partners, about the effect of values on value. The two discuss the following on the episode:

  • clearly articulating a set of values which helps insurance agencies stay consistent in a period characterized by inconsistency and uncertainty.
  • How Baldwin Risk Partners has distilled its core values into the Azimuth, a document available to everyone inside and outside of the organization.
  • How insurance agencies can continue to deliver value even as customer expectations of it evolve.




B | Advised Episode #3

On this episode of the B | Advised podcast, host Laura Sherman, discusses strategies for building strong agencies around a local community. Featuring guests: Joe Finney, President, BRP MainStreet and Jody Harter, Managing Partner of the Villages Insurance Partners.

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B | Advised Episode #2

On this episode of the B | Advised podcast, Industry veteran Lowry Baldwin and BKS’ new business guru Chris Huber share best practices on how middle market independent agencies can propel their organic growth and client retention results.

B | Advised Episode #1

Host, Laura Sherman, discusses the critical considerations for Agency Principals in 2018 with BRP President, Trevor Baldwin, and CFO, Kris Wiebeck.