Florida Medicare Options (A Baldwin Risk Partnership) Announces Its Partnership with Senior Health Plus, Inc.

Florida Medicare Options (A Baldwin Risk Partnership) Announces Its Partnership with Senior Health Plus, Inc.


Tampa, FL (April 10, 2018) – Florida Medicare Options (FMO), an Orlando, Florida based Medicare consulting firm, is pleased to announce its partnership with Senior Health Plus, Inc. (SHP), an Ocala, Florida based insurance agency.

SHP has been offering insurance services in the Ocala, FL area since 1999. SHP’s partnership with FMO will bring in a substantial amount of support for continued growth in the Florida Medicare market.

The partnership was finalized on Friday, March 23, 2018.

“We are very pleased and proud to announce that after months of careful consideration, Senior Health Plus has made a strategic decision to merge with FMO,” says Kevin Reynolds, President of SHP. Partnering gives us access to more resources and more expertise. We are excited to be joining a world-class team of professionals and we look forward to creating additional growth opportunities.”

FMO is focused on working with healthcare groups and community organizations to offer positive and affordable healthcare solutions to Medicare beneficiaries. BRP is dedicated to the management of resources and capital to fuel organic growth and acquisitive growth in the insurance industry. The combined successes and visions of the two firms will open up new opportunities in the industry.

“We believe together, we will be better able to achieve our combined vision of growth in the Medicare field,” says Chase Bedsole, BRP President, Medicare Insurance Group.


About Florida Medicare Options

Florida Medicare Options is an insurance agency founded in 2004 focused on offering quality, accessible healthcare solutions to Medicare beneficiaries in Florida. FMO’s partnerships with healthcare groups and community organizations fosters a unique opportunity to ensure the best combination of rich benefits and broad access to quality care. FMO is one of the leading agencies in the Medicare managed care industry and is dedicated to providing their clients with complete and accurate information and unrivaled expertise.

About Senior Health Plus, Inc.

Senior Health Plus, Inc. was founded in 1999 and is dedicated to helping the Ocala, FL area find suitable financial and healthcare products. SHP focuses on improving the lives of their clients by taking the time to evaluate each individual situation. SHP understands the importance of decisions regarding healthcare and puts a strong emphasis on accurately representing and explaining the products offered. SHP specializes in assisting their clients with long-term care, annuities, hospital indemnity, life insurance, final expense, Medicare supplements and more.

About Baldwin Risk Partners
BRP is an award-winning entrepreneur owned and inspired insurance distribution holding company delivering solutions that give our clients the peace of mind to pursue their purpose, passion and dreams. BRP supports our Partners, clients, colleagues, insurers, and communities through the deployment of best in class resources and capital to drive organic and partnership growth. Together with our partner firms, we are innovating the industry by taking a holistic and tailored approach to risk management, insurance, and employee benefits. Our growth path includes increased geographic representation across the U.S., expanded client value propositions and new lines of insurance to meet the needs of evolving lifestyles, business risks, and healthcare funding. BRP is a destination employer supported by an award-winning culture, powered by exceptional people and fueled by industry leading growth and innovation.