Florida Medicare Options (a Baldwin Risk Partner Firm) Announces Partnership With Atlas Insurance Marketing

Florida Medicare Options (a Baldwin Risk Partner Firm) Announces Partnership With Atlas Insurance Marketing

BRP Icon above text reading "BRP"TAMPA, FL (August 1, 2018) Florida Medicare Options (FMO), an Orlando, Florida based Medicare consulting firm, is pleased to announce its partnership with Atlas Insurance Marketing, a New Port Richey, Florida based insurance agency.

Atlas has been offering insurance services in the New Port Richey area since 2001. Atlas’ partnership with FMO will bring in a substantial amount of support for continued growth in the Florida Medicare market.

The partnership was finalized on Monday, July 16, 2018.

“We are excited and proud to announce that after months of careful consideration, Atlas has made a strategic decision to merge with FMO,” says Larry Thomason, CEO and President of Atlas. “Our partnership with FMO will give us access to more resources and expertise, giving our clients more options to choose from while making important decisions about their health care. We are excited to be joining a world-class team of professionals and we look forward to creating additional growth opportunities.”

FMO is focused on working with healthcare groups and community organizations to offer positive and affordable healthcare solutions to Medicare beneficiaries. BRP is dedicated to the management of resources and capital to fuel organic growth and acquisitive growth in the insurance industry. The combined successes and visions of the two firms will open new opportunities in the industry.

“Our partnership with Atlas represents the best of both worlds. Together, we will be better able to achieve our combined vision of growth in the Medicare field,” says Chase Bedsole, BRP President, Medicare Insurance Group.

About Florida Medicare Options

Florida Medicare Options is an insurance agency founded in 2004 focused on offering quality, accessible healthcare solutions to Medicare beneficiaries in Florida. FMO’s partnerships with healthcare groups and community organizations fosters a unique opportunity to ensure the best combination of rich benefits and broad access to quality care. FMO is one of the leading agencies in the Medicare managed care industry and is dedicated to providing their clients with complete and accurate information and unrivaled expertise.

About Atlas Insurance Marketing

Atlas was founded in 2001 and is dedicated to helping the New Port Richey, FL area find suitable financial and healthcare products. Atlas understands the importance of decisions regarding health care and puts a strong emphasis on accurately representing and explaining the products offered. Atlas strives to help agents get the most out of production by providing their agents with training and seminars. Atlas specializes in assisting their clients with Medicare plans and supplements, life insurance, annuities, ancillaries, final expenses, long-term care, and dental.

About Baldwin Risk Partners

Baldwin Risk Partners is an award-winning independent insurance distribution holding company. Its core focus is on the management of resources and capital to fuel organic and partnership growth in the insurance industry. Under BRP, these investments bring new professionals, increased geographic representation, expanded value propositions, innovation, and new lines of insurance competency. BRP member companies include Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners, The Villages Insurance Partners, Medicare Insurance Partners, American Risk Partners, Florida Medicare Options, Ryan Insurance & Financial Services, Affordable Home Insurance, D&M Insurance Solutions, Bradenton Insurance, and Laureate Insurance Partners. Learn more at www.baldwinriskpartners.com.