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The mission-driven work of associations often has an immeasurable impact on the members that they serve. However, serving members and best representing their interests is not without risks. Reputational concerns, employee retention, volunteer safety, antitrust allegations, professional liability, and cyber security are some areas of liability associations must manage. Failure to protect your organization from these risks can lead to considerable monetary losses and damage an association’s reputation.

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By nature, associations are vulnerable to risks, which are nonexistent in many other industries. Our non-profit group is immersed in the complex world of association risk management, developing and managing programs for organizations on a daily basis and working with clients as one collaborative team.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the advisors that support our non-profit clients can develop tailor-made risk management strategies.

areas of expertise

Our team takes a consultative approach to managing risk, aligning with clients’ overarching values, forming partnerships that withstand the test of time, and providing the support needed to identify changes in risk exposures and adjust coverages accordingly.

  • Exposure and Coverage Reviews
  • Incident and Claims Management
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Property & Casualty Insurance
  • Association Professional Liability
  • Media Exposure

core solutions & expertise

helping our non profit clients mitigate risks

With specialists solely entrenched in the not-for-profit space, clients do not have to spend their time teaching our team the ins and outs of protecting their assets. Because of this experience, our team can properly determine and craft each company’s unique risk philosophy. They already know what to expect from the carriers when underwriting your risk and how to manage the landscape.