Unpredictable weather patterns, food hygiene, stringent regulations, and food recalls: this is just a small portion of the risks that impact the Food Processing and Agriculture industries. Agriculture and Food Processing are some of the industries that face the most risk, which is why policies need to be very specific and interconnected to avoid coverage gaps. This is also why you need an experienced, proactive, and well-connected team that can anticipate potential issues and prepare a response plan should issues arise.

We help protect your business through every step needed to get goods to market, from production to processing, and finally, distribution. With over 30 years of experience, our network of advisors understands the unique challenges agribusiness and food processing face.

Farmer ploughing a field with a tractor; a smaller image of a field with green crops.


We have the attention of the top national insurance carriers given our size and specialty, but we view the strategy and placement of insurance policies as just one small part of why our clients partner with us. Taking a holistic, proactive approach to reviewing clients’ risk landscapes enables us to provide best-in-class results.


  • Livestock operations
  • Distillers, wineries, and breweries
  • Food and egg processors
  • Seafood processors
  • Warehouses

Food Manufacturers

  • Bottling plants and operations
  • Food and spice manufacturers
  • Coffee roasters


  • Ranchers and Farmers
  • Vineyards
  • Turf Farms
  • Vineyards


  • Food importers and exporters
  • Transport and food carriers
  • Storage operations
  • Food and beverage distributers & wholesalers

core solutions & expertise

how we help our food & agriculture clients

We advise our clients about what the underwriters are looking for when analyzing your risk to better position your company and help reduce your overall risk profile. Our due diligence process and risk mapping help our clients view the whole picture of their risk to develop a strategy behind each area and a plan for continuous improvements. Our food & agriculture group delivers predictability of insurance costs and ensures that your returns are best in class. Some of our industry focus includes:

  • Food safety and product recall
  • Environmental risk and liability
  • Software modeling
  • Renewal strategy