As the world opens back up, we are seeing a hybrid blend of at-home and live entertainment. Media and entertainment companies are embarking on a new journey to engage consumers all over the globe and see a skyrocketing return on their revenue.

COVID-19 universally brought live entertainment to a screaming halt. The United States box office alone lost an estimated five billion dollars during the pandemic. But as empty movie theaters gathered dust, streaming services flourished.

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risks in the entertainment industry

As production returns, so have the risks that come with a live set, including:

  • Artist no-shows
  • On-set accidents
  • Natural disaster
  • Severe weather
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

does your business have comprehensive contingency plans?

All these factors make contingency plans crucial to protect your business’ bottom line. Whether you are an owner, organizer, or stakeholder in the entertainment industry, Baldwin Risk Partners’ dedicated team of specialists are here to offer their expertise to provide you with risk management strategies to protect your productions from potential financial disaster.  

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Baldwin Risk Partners’ expert specialists are here to provide valuable risk management insights and advice for entertainment organizations and promotors alike in this age of massive media consumption.