Ever-changing regulations, political climates, and financial risks impact the Oil & Gas industry, and failure to manage exposure to these risks can negatively impact a company’s reputation along with heavy monetary losses.

Our dedicated O&G specialists are here to help upstream, midstream, and downstream companies cultivate solutions to mitigate complex and volatile challenges.

An offshore oil platform; smaller photo of a closeup of an oil platform.

oil & gas growing demands & changing risks

The world’s top economies are shifting to renewable energy sources, but production of oil and gas remain in high demand for:

  • All transportation
  • Home heating
  • Consumer products and plastics
  • Generating electricity for billions worldwide

factors impacting the industry

Upstream and downstream oil and gas companies face a variety of natural and market risks that exacerbate daily operating difficulties, including:

  • Difficult terrain
  • Environmental hazards
  • Risk severity
  • Price volatility
  • Evolving regulations

energy & power expertise

helping our oil& gas clients stay ahead

We take pride in aggressively negotiating the best terms, conditions, and premiums for our clients year after year. Our energy team thrives in managing complex situations to provide our clients with the best possible cost, policies, and coverage. The Baldwin Risk Partners team is passionate about a client-first approach to help you understand, manage, and mitigate critical risks for your oil and gas business.