Rapid transformations in technology make volatility inevitable in the power and energy industries, but that volatility doesn’t have to mean your company surrenders control to an ever-evolving market. Our risk management team offers expert advice and solutions to help your company combat uncertain industry evolutions and achieve operational and financial success.


Our team of experts looks beyond the placement of insurance policies and takes a holistic, consultative approach to understand your unique risk profile. Our goal is to establish a culture of risk management that prioritizes safety, compliance, and education so you can manage your exposures, stay ahead of the competition, and protect your most valuable assets.   

scalable solutions as energy demands grow

Across the globe, the demand for energy is growing, but the type of energy the world demands vastly differs from the energy we relied on fifty years ago. Now governments, communities, and organizations worldwide are transitioning to clean energy sources in a push to reduce carbon emissions

There are numerous variables that can disrupt or bring energy production to a screaming halt. Examples of such inevitable factors are:

  • Severe weather
  • Infrastructure damage
  • Natural disasters
  • Cyber attacks
  • Human error

In addition, policy regulatory changes and large-scale social pressures mean uncertain futures for operators and investors alike.

energy & power expertise

powering energy innovation & mitigating risk

Baldwin Risk Partners’ expert team of risk specialists can decrease your total cost of risk and elevate operational and financial stability for your company. Our experts can highlight risk exposures and offer insurance solutions to give you the tools to maintain resiliency and assist in keeping you on track in achieving your business goals.