Parents entrust education leaders not just with instilling knowledge in their children but also providing a safe environment in which they can develop and grow.

Academic institutions are expected to keep children out of harm’s way, protecting them from complex, interconnected, and unique risks. Campus safety, regulatory compliance, pollution exposures, and cyber risk are some areas of liability educational institutions must manage. Failure to protect from these risks can lead to huge monetary losses and cause irreparable harm to an organization’s reputation. 

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With over 30 years of experience managing risk for educational institutions, our team has seen countless scenarios play out – from the common to unique exposures.

Our specialists bring invaluable, hands-on experience to each client and supplement that knowledge with ongoing education about the ever-changing risk landscape. They apply these insights to anticipate issues that clients might not be aware of to avoid losses or remediate issues should they arise.

With such a heavy burden of responsibility, schools need to partner with trusted advisors who understand unique institutional cultures and risk profiles. 

areas of expertise

Our clients in the academic institutions rely on us to provide ongoing communication, guide, and advocate to mitigate existing and future risks, including:

  • Duty of Care
  • International Trip Travel Risk Management
  • Cyber Risk
  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • Benchmarking Key Areas of Risk
  • Pollution Exposures
  • Certified School Risk Management
  • Exposure and Coverage Reviews
  • Incident and Claims Management
  • Loss Analysis
  • Property and Casualty Liability
  • Athletic liability, Including Traumatic Brain Injury

core solutions & expertise

helping our clients mitigate risks in the education industry

With specialists solely entrenched in the education and higher education space, clients do not have to spend their time teaching our team the ins and outs of protecting their assets. Because of this experience, our team can properly determine and craft each company’s unique risk philosophy. They already know what to expect from the carriers when underwriting your risk and how to manage the landscape.