Companies that specialize in the chemical space need innovate and comprehensive risk management and insurance solutions.

Baldwin Risk Partners’ chemical specialists support commodity, specialty, and personal care chemical companies overcome complex risk challenges. Chemical companies face constantly changing risk landscapes and ever-evolving environments.

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How do chemical companies deal with changes?

The United States is seeing unprecedented changes in the chemical industry from a variety of industry and legislative changes. Geopolitical uncertainty, technological advancements, COVID-19, severe weather, supply chain disruptions, and environmental and societal demands are a few of the notable changes that have affected the industry. Partner with a broker that will navigate this with you.

What's been the result of these changes?

Staying aware of all of the notable changes, there’s been major shifts that have resulted in new employee safety regulations, plant, port, and border closures, and disruptions in transportation and logistics.

The result of these changes has added an additional layer of volatility to the chemical industry’s risk profile. The chemical team at BRP helps educate and navigate your business through critical risks so you can operate safely and securely.

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BRP’s chemical group has the experience, respect of the market, and dedication to high-quality service to offer a unique and valuable approach to managing and transferring risk in the chemical space.