BRP + AHT Better Together


Will my insurance program change?

No. Your insurance program will stay in tact and policy numbers will remain the same.

Will I continue working with the same team?

Yes! The same great people who service your account today will continue to do so and they will have the backing of a large network of insurance professionals across BRP.

Has the contact information for AHT changed?

You should continue to contact your current insurance team using the same telephone number and email addresses.

Has the office location changed?

Your insurance team will remain in the same local markers and office location. Our phone numbers will also remain the same.

Has anything changed regarding where or when I should remit payments?

No. Payments should be made as they are currently. We will alert you if there are any changes.

Does this change anything about the relationship I currently have with the AHT team?

No. The relationships between our clients and our team will not change, you will continue to work with our amazing colleagues!

Will I have the same access to my data?

Yes. Our client management systems are not changing with the partnership.

Does the partnership affect my market access?

BRP currently has access to many of the same markets we have including additional specialty markets that will allow us to continue to provide clients and their employees with world-class service.

So, what changes should I expect?

The transition will be seamless for our clients in terms of service and accessibility.

Why BRP?

This partnership allows us to continue to work tirelessly on behalf of our clients while expanding our footprint, tools and resources to continue to do what we love. The addition of BRP’s industry-leading resources, culture and philosophy will afford our team with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Additionally, the partnership enables our team to expand and improve on the current services we provide.

The shared goal of our firms is to provide those who seek our services with an exceptional experience, unparalleled peace of mind, and superior opportunities.